The station is located on the northwest corner of George Square, between the Millennium Hotel and Consort House (the SPT HQ).

Entrances and Exits

There are four entrances/exits:

The George Square Entrance

This leads north through a partially covered forecourt with:

West Side

  windows of Burger King, beside steps
steps up north to entrance

North Side

  ramp to/from entrance

East Side

  Millennium Hotel

South Side

  double access road from George Square.

The access road is divided into an entrance (west) and exit )east) section with a turning area/at the north end.

You can either go up a slope then ten steps, going north then through a short passage into the concourse. Alternatively, you can go up the ramp from the right-hand (east) side. The ramp passes the entrance to the hotel before turning left and continuing to the top of the steps, outside the station. Turn right and go into the concourse. There's a blank door (to Burger King) on your left before you reach the concourse.

The Dundas Street Entrance

You enter the station going east from a covered forecourt with:

South Side


West Side, Going North

  taxi rank
forecourt extends west
Dundas Lane, leading west to Buchanan Street
walkway to Buchanan Street Subway Station

North Side, Going East

  2 phone boxes
two sets of steps leading to the higher part of Dundas Street

The left-hand (west) set of steps consists of widely spaced steps in a sloping pavement, whilst the other set begins with a flight of steps followed by a sloping pavement.

East Side, Going South

  entrance doors to lower level
blank door
middle entrance
newspaper stall
south entrance doors

The North Hanover Street Entrance

This entrance leads west from a covered forecourt with:

South Side

  rear of Millennium Hotel

West Side, Going North

  blank wall
South Side, Going West
  ScotRail information
automatic doors into waiting lounge
West Side
  automatic entrance/exit doors to station, tactile flooring in front

North Side

  blank door

East Side, Going South

  disabled persons parking
bus stop for Buchanan Bus Station and Central Station
taxi pick-up
taxi drop-off

The Entrance to the Low Level

You leave North Hanover Street into the car park entrance then turn right into the first building. You enter facing north. This entrance was apparently unstaffed at the time of our survey, though there is a help point at the left-hand (west) end of the gate line.

South side


West Side, Going North

wall retreats west
ticket machines

north Side, Going East

  help point, push the button above the oval grill
Wide Aisle Gate
2 automatic exits
2 automatic entrances

East Side


Local Road Crossings

There's a single-stage crossing of West George Street, outside the George Square entrance. Continue from the foot of the steps and locate the tactile paving in front of you. The posts with push button and rotating cone are west of the crossing, that is to your right as you cross away from the station, to your left as you cross towards it.

Local Buses

The stop for the 398 to Buchanan Bus Station and Glasgow Central Station is on the far side of the pavement outside the North Hanover Street entrance. Leave the station and bear slightly left, up a slight slope.

Local Features

North Side of West George Street, Going West from the Entrance

  Europa Restaurant
gap to station building
Consort House, SPT HQ
Junction Bar
Dundas Street, no pedestrian controlled crossing

East Side of dundas Street, Going North

  side wall of Junction Bar
station entrance

West Side of Dundas Street, Going North

  news agent
Cafe Nero
Vale, pub
Dow's bar
Dundas Lane

Outside the North Hanover Street Entrance

This is the area between the station forecourt and North Hanover Street. The car park leads north, beyond the scope of this survey, whilst the eastern boundary of this space is a wall between the car park and North Hanover Street. The Millennium Hotel is to the south, whilst the vehicle access road leads east from the southeast corner. The entrance to the low level is on the north side of the vehicle access road, just off North Hanover Street.

West Side, the Station Building, Going North from the Entrance

  ticket machine
blank door
Lost Property Office
blank door
wall juts east
North Side
  blank wall
Continuing North
  ScotRail Train Care office
car park to right (east)
British Transport Police
slope down
canopy ends

East Side of Car Park, Going South

bollards at car park entrance
bike park
vehicle access road

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