FROM Central Station

By Bus

There's a bus stop outside the Travel Centre for the bus to Queen Street and Buchanan Bus stations. Leave via the main entrance, into Gordon Street and turn left. The bus stop is on your right after a few metres. On arrival at Queen Street Station, you're outside the North Hanover Street (east) entrance.

To Walk

Leave the station via the main entrance, into Gordon Street, turn right (east), continue across Union Street and Mitchell Street into Buchanan Street then turn left (north). Continue on the right-hand side till you reach St Vincent Place.

We suggest you cross St Vincent Place here as there are rotating cones at this crossing. Turn right and follow the left-hand (north) side of St Vincent Place, across a small alley (Anchor Lane), till you reach George Square. Turn left and continue to the crossing of West George Street, in front of you. Cross West George Street and continue, up a slight slope and ten steps into the concourse. If you need the ramp, cross the two-stage access road to your right, turn left then follow the ramp turning left again then turn right into the concourse.

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