The TICKET Office and Concourse

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This includes the ticket office, which is a new building, plus the concourse area off the west end of the platforms.

Note that the original station building is to be demolished and the platforms refurbished.

The Ticket Office

From the forecourt, you go int through automatic doors, up a slight slope, going north.

West Side, Going North

  shop, not open at the time of our survey
blank door, for shop
blank door
recess to unisex, accessible toilet
blank door
Station Supervisor's office

North End

  automatic doors to concourse

East Side, Going South

  blank door
wall retreats east, blank wall on north side
timetables, departure screen above
sales window with variable height counter and induction loop
gap to waiting area

South Side

  automatic doors to/from forecourt

The Waiting Area

North Side

  2 x 4 seats with billboards above

East Side

  4 seats, windows behind

South Side


West Side

  gap to/from ticket office

The Concourse

We understand the buildings in this area are to be demolished. This includes the west and north sides of this space, plus the building along the north side of platform 1.

West Side, Going North

  emergency exit, to car park
wall with windows
2 gates, not for public use

North Side, Going East

  wall with departure screen
wall retreats with blank doors on west
pay phone, on post about a metre south of the wall
blank doors
start of platform 1

East Side, Going South

  platform 1
rail across tracks 1 and 2 with
  planters and seats
train information
help point
platforms 2 - 3
station building on south side, off end of track 3

South Side, Going West

automatic doors to/from ticket office

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