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The path towards the Western Ferries and Caledonian MacBrayne ferry terminals leads from platform 1.

Note that this station was under development at the time of our survey. The original building is to be demolished and the platforms refurbished, so the details of these directions may be subject to change.

From the Concourse

We noted the rear of the three car trains which serve this station was before the exit to the ferry, as you move away from the concourse.

Go onto platform 1 and follow the left-hand side. You pass the wall, then the bike lockers before you find a rail jutting out onto the platform. By this time, you'll also find a rail to your right.

From the rear of longer trains, follow the right-hand side, you pass a gravel area before you find a rail on your right. turn right (180 degrees) round the end of this rail, into the path.

Turn left, follow the path. You'll pass the gate to the Western Ferries area to your left, this was closed at the time of our survey, so details of this weren't available to us.

For the Caledonian MacBrayne terminal, take the turning right. Follow the right-hand side, the door to the terminal building is in front of you.

You go through two sets of doors, into the waiting area. The ticket sales desks are towards the far end of this space, on your right.

To the Concourse

From the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry terminal, you leave the building and follow the wall on your left. Take the turning left and follow the path, there's a rail across the end of this path, as you reach platform 1. Turn right here and continue along the platform into the concourse.

From here, you can turn left behind the end of tracks 1 and 2 then turn left again for platforms 2 - 3, or continue to the far end of the concourse then turn left for the ticket office and exit to the forecourt.

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