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This station was under development at the time of our survey. The original station building is to be demolished and the platforms refurbished, so the details of these directions may vary during the course of this work.

At the time of our survey, there was no tactile paving along the edge of the platforms, though we understand this will be provided during the redevelopment of the station.

These directions include the route from the main entrance to the station. See the Reach the Ferry page for details of routes to/from the ferry terminals.

From the Entrance

You go into the ticket office from the forecourt, through automatic doors. The waiting area is immediately to your right, with the ticket sales window beyond this.

Continue, through another set of automatic doors, into the concourse.

From here, you can turn immediately right for the island platform 2 - 3. As you reach the platforms, platform 2 is to your left, whilst platform 3 is to your right. Note that the beginning of track 3 is inline with the wall of the station building, on your right.

For platform 1, continue to the far side of the concourse, turn right and continue onto the platform.

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