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There is step-free access from platform 1, eastbound to Cathcart Street via Station Avenue and stairs access to Terrace Road.

There is stairs and step-free access from platform 2, westbound, to Terrace Road.

As the sections of Terrace Road and Cathcart Street which lie within the scope of this survey are on different levels, we won't attempt to describe step-free routes between platforms. We presume that those needing such access would be transported to the relevant side of the station - either Cathcart Street for platform 1, or Terrace Road/Regent Street for platform 2.

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform in use in this station. Note that there is no tactile paving along the edge of the disused platform which shares an island platform with the front section of platform 1.

Which Route?

  From Platform 1, Eastbound
From Platform 2, Westbound

From Platform 1, Eastbound

We believe the exit is near or behind the rear of the train.

As you go from the front of longer trains, you're on the island platform with the disused platform over to your right. Continue, past a series of posts and seats, beyond the shelter. After a few metres you reach the rail beside the car park, continue to the end of this and turn right.

Turn left before the ticket office building and continue along the short path between the building and railings, to the wall in front of you. Turn right here and go up a flight of steps. Turn left (180 degrees) go up a flight of steps then turn right onto Terrace Road.

Turn left then take the first turning left, which is the route towards platform 2.

Continue through normally open gates. There's ticket information on the right-hand wall.

Continue down the slope, then go left then right round barriers. Continue down two flights of steps, onto platform 2. We believe you're near the front of the train.


From Platform 2, Westbound

According to signage on the platform, the foot of the steps is beside the front of the train.

As you go from the rear of longer trains, you pass a series of posts just inside the wall before you reach the foot of the ramp, in front of you. Move right to avoid this then continue, past the shelter, to the foot of the steps, in front of you. Note that you can carry on to your right of these steps, to the end of the platform which has a slope off the end.

Go up two flights of steps and cross the path leading from the ramp, to your left. There are barriers in front of you, move left then right and continue up the slope onto Terrace Road.

Turn right then take the first turning right, this is the gap towards platform 1.

Turn left, go down a flight of steps, turn right (180 degrees) then go down a flight of steps to platform level. There's tactile paving at the foot of these steps which have a hand rail to each side.

Turn left from the foot of the steps then continue past the ticket office building on your left. At the end of this building, you can turn left to the ticket office, or right onto platform 1. We believe you're near the rear of the train.

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