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The ticket office is the building near the northwest end of platform 1. The main entrance, from Station Avenue leads to the northeast side of the building, whilst steps from Terrace Road are to the northwest. A path between the southwest side of the building and railings beside platform 1 also leads to these steps. There's a station information billboard and local map on these railings near the beginning of the path as you approach the steps.

Note also that it's possible to walk underneath the rear of these steps from the northeast, we suggest, if you want to get to Terrace Road, that you keep to the northwest side of the building then turn right at the end, continue to the wall then turn right again for the steps which are preceded by tactile paving.

There are two entrance/exit doors in the southeast side of the building, with a large planter between them. A path leads southwest past these entrances onto platform 1. There are bollards between this path and the car park, plus a post box almost opposite the southwest entrance to the ticket office, whilst bike racks are opposite the northeast entrance.


Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  pay phone

Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  northeast entrance
southwest entrance

Southwest Side, Going Northwest


Northwest Side, Going Northeast

  unisex, accessible toilet, key from staff
blank door
rail information, departure screen above
ticket sales window with induction loop
rail information

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