Find a Platform from the Entrance

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There is stairs-only access to each platform via the bridge. There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

From the Entrance

As you come into the ticket office from either entrance, the ticket sales window, with induction loop, is about in the middle of the far wall and the steps to the bridge are to your right of this.

Leave the ticket office, bear left and go down a flight of steps.

To the Platforms

For Platform 1, Eastbound

Bear right, go up four steps then continue, down four steps then turn right again. Go down two flights of steps and turn right onto the platform. We believe you're about in the middle of the train.


To Platform 2, Westbound

From the foot of the steps from the ticket office, turn sharp right and go down a flight of steps to platform level. Note that the bottom step is deeper than the others. Turn left onto the platform, we believe you're about in the middle of shorter trains and beside the front half of longer ones.

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