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The station is immediately west of the point where the A723 Gateside Street (north/south) crosses the tracks. Kemp Street (one-way, east), which includes the most convenient disabled persons parking for westbound customers, lies south of the station, whilst Station Road (east/west) is to the north. The Hamilton Bus Station lies between Station Road and Brandon Street (one-way, west) details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

A municipal car park, off Duke Street, lies about 100 metres east of the station, being reached via a covered walkway from the east end of platform 2.

Entrances and Exits

There are four entrances/exits to this station:

From Kemp Street

Leaving Gateside Street, just south of the rail bridge, you go down the slope (west) then take the turning right (north), which is the path to platform 1. This path curves right, so you reach platform level going east, at the effective west end of the platform. There's a hand rail along the left-hand side of this curved path as you go towards the platform.

There's a very clear drainage channel along the middle of this platform.

The Walkway from the Car Park

From Level 2, you leave via the covered walkway going west. After about 100 metres, you reach the effective east end of platform 2. There's a departure screen on your right (north) as you reach the platform. There's a hand rail to each side of this walkway.

Local Road Crossings

Although Kemp Street and Station Road seemed to be relatively quiet streets at the time of our survey, Gateside Street is a busy main road for which the only crossings we found are at the junction with Brandon Street, a short distance north of the station.

The Junction of Gateside Street (South) Quarry Street (Southwest and Brandon Street (East/West)

There are three single-stage crossings to/from a large island on the south side of Brandon Street between Gateside Street on the west and Quarry Street on the east.

Each crossing has tactile paving, the post with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction, on each crossing. Note that the crossing of Quarry Street is wider than the other two.

Local Buses

On the West Side of Gateside Street

Bus Stop 61501446, no shelter, outside the top of the walkway from Station Road, serves:

On the East Side of Gateshead Street

Bus Stop 6150157 Quarry Street, with shelter, serving:

Local Features

Outside the Building, on the South Side of Station Road, from the West

  taxi rank to left
gap to platform 2
wall with billboards
door to ticket office, drop-off space to left
button for door
wall with billboards
cafe/food takeaway
sales window for takeaways
public Toilet
walkway, with bollards along north side of pavement, continues east to steps to Gateside Street

You go up 14 then 15 steps, going east before turning left (north) then right (east) onto the pavement. The bus stop, mentioned above, is in front of you.

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