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The station lies across the north end of Station Approach which leads north from Church Street. The building occupies the north side of a narrow pavement which bounds a small car parking forecourt outside the station.

Entrances and Exits

There is one entrance/exit through glass doors from the pavement along the north side of the forecourt.

Local Road Crossings

As you leave the station and go south, down the dropped kerb, you cross the forecourt, which appears to include Lynn Street along the south side, then enter Station Approach.

At the junction of Church Street (east/west) Whitby Street (south) and Station Approach (north), the only pedestrian controlled crossing we found was across the east arm (Church Street) a few metres east of the junction. This crossing had no sounder nor rotating cone at the time of our survey, though it was marked by tactile paving. The post with push button is to your right as you face across Church Street.

Local Buses

We found no bus stops within the scope of our survey of the station. A rail/bus interchange at this station is being planned.

Local Features

Station Approach

There are three taxi bays on each side of Station Approach.

West Side

  wall of pub, Bank

East Side

  wall of offices
pizza shop, entrance in Church Street

The Forecourt

West End

  wall, before car park

East End

  long stay car park (we presume the area outside the entrance is for short stay and drop-off)

North Side, the Station Building, Going East

  station entrance, bollards across, drop kerb in front of entrance
canopy, overhead
blank door
taxi office, closed at the time of our survey

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