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Leave the station and continue (south) across the forecourt and Lynn Street (indistinguishable) onto the pavement on the right-hand side of Station Approach. You may as well cross Station Approach here then continue south to Church Street.

On reaching Church Street, turn left and locate the tactile paving indicating the crossing. The post, with neither sounder nor rotating cone is to your right. Cross Church Street then turn right (west).

Continue (west) across Whitby Street, Scarborough Street then Tower Street, none of which had pedestrian controlled crossings at the time of our survey.

Continue (west) past the Albert Street car park, in which there are ladies and gents toilets, till you reach Stockton Street which is a dual carriageway running north/south. Turn left and locate the slope down to the underpass, in front of you. Go down this slope, turn right, continue to the end, then turn right again and go up the final slope into the shopping centre. Turn right here for shop Mobility.

We hope to produce a guide to this shopping centre in due course.

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