The Platform

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To Reach

This single platform is reached via the glass entrance doors from the north side of the booking hall. You're near the west end of the platform.

General Information

The eastern section of this platform is an open island, with the bay platform to the south which is rarely used. There is good tactile paving along each side of this platform. Note the north side is the only regularly used platform, so it is bi-directional. At the time of our survey, trains stopped towards the west end, outside the station building.

From the East End

  slope off end
signal post
lamp post
name sign with grey posts
lamp post
name sign

Ccovered Area Starts

Three pairs of white and black pillars support the first section of the covered area, before the building, there's a fence to your left between the end of the bay platform and the building. a row of 10 single pillars runs along the middle of the platform, beside the building.

Following the Building

  blank door
disabled persons toilet

Wall Retreats South

East Side
  rail map
South Side
  door into cafe
2 blank doors
3 bike stands
blank door
glass entrance doors, marked at high level, not low
4 bike stands
4 bike stands
blank door
5 cages, left luggage

Wall Juts Out North

West Side
blank door

End of Building

A wooden fence extends part way across the platform with a gap near the edge which leads to the slope.

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