The Concourse

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This is considered in two sections, the main concourse is the rectangular space lying west of the platforms, whilst the ticket office is a smaller, rectangular space off the south side of the main concourse.

the Ticket Office

From the main entrance, you go up a single step, going north into the ticket office. The sales windows are on the left-hand (west) side, whilst the doorways to the concourse are in front of you.

West Side, Going North

  ticket sales window with fixed counter and induction loop
ticket sales window with variable height counter and induction loop

North Side

  2 sets of double doors into concourse

East Side, Going South

  bench, timetables and rail information above
cash machine, charging 1.99 per transaction at the time of our survey, CCTV above

South side

  2 sets of doors at entrance, up large step

The Concourse

You go in from the ticket office facing north. The platforms are to your right (east), the kiosk is in the far left-hand corner, east of which is the north entrance then the toilet.

A row of bollards separates the concourse and platform 1 from the station car park. Note that there is step-free access via the car park onto East Princes Street and via the north entrance.

West Side, Going North

blank double door
side entrance, no longer in use
wall juts out
Central Perks, kiosk
passage leading west

The Passage

The Station Supervisor's office is on the north side, the other door(s) are not for public use.

North side, Going East

  north entrance, from Co-op car park
unisex, accessible toilet, borrow key from staff
blank door
bike racks, two departure screens above
blank door
help point
wall retreats across end of track 3

West Side, Going North

  blank door
bike lockers

East Side, Going South

  track 3
platforms 2 - 3
tracks 1 - 2, about ten metres west of the end of track 3
platform 1

South Side, Going East

2 sets of double doors to ticket office

In the middle of the concourse is a sign post, indicating:

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