Platform 1

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This is a separate platform lying between track 1 to the north and the station car park to the south. There's a row of bollards separating the vehicle area from the concourse and platform.

There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

There is level access from either vehicle entrance from East Princes Street and from the concourse.

Note that there is step-free access from the north entrance, but a single, large step from East Princes Street into the ticket office.

From the West

Posts and other features are in the car parking area.

  clock, above
car park ends with two-lane exit
canopy ends, floor texture changes
wooden fence replaces wall on right
stanchion, in middle
Helensburgh Central sign, near fence
drainage channel now in middle
post, near fence
stanchion in middle
post near fence, Helensburgh Central
stanchion in middle
post near fence
under bridge
metal gate at platform end

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