The ISLAND Platform

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This island platform curves from running almost east/west at the west end to about southeast/northwest towards the east. For simplicity, we'll refer to east and west as running along the platform. In this context, platform 1, serving trains towards Glasgow, lies north of platform 2.

This is a narrow platform, particularly to each side of the ticket office, though there is tactile paving near each edge.

To Reach

The platform is reached via the bridge, at the west end of the station or the subway, near the east.

The new bridge now provides an accessible route from Churchill Drive to the south and the Gartnavel site to the north of the station.

The subway provides stairs access from the Gartnavel Hospital site or private housing to the north of the station.

From the West

All features are in the middle of the platform unless stated otherwise.

  Lift 2, call button right (north) of door
post, platform 2, 6 car stop for westbound
steps up west to bridge
post, 3 car stop, westbound
post, lighting and CCTV
unisex, accessible toilet, door on east side, push button to right (north) of door
west wall of ticket office

The Ticket Office

West Wall

  blank door

South (Platform 2) Side

  wooden wall with timetables and other notices
windows of ticket office
wall ends, 2 steps up north, turn left to entrance

East Side

  departure screen for westbound platform 2
door to ticket office, push button to right (north)
departure screen for eastbound platform 1

North (Platform 1) Side

  blank doors
windows to ticket office
wall ends, 2 steps up south, turn right for entrance

Continuing East, Beyond the Ticket Office

  ramp up west to ticket office
coffee shop, Counter Culture Coffee, door in west side, sales window on each platform
blank door, platform 2
lamp post
steps to subway, going down east
wire fence around stairwell
front of eastbound, rear of westbound 3 car trains
back-to-back seats
posts with lighting and CCTV
platform narrows
lamp post
screen for train drivers, 6 car stop
slope off end

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