The Subway

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The subway provides an alternative entrance from the Gartnavel Hospital site and the housing estate to the north of the station.

The steps descend east, from the middle of the island platform, towards the east end. Turning left from the foot of the steps you pass an exit to your left towards the Gartnavel site, whilst continuing forward you reach the exit into the housing estate.

Note, there's a hand rail along the left-hand (west) side of the subway. There's a gap in the rail at the Gartnavel exit.

The Subway

From the middle of the island platform, go down 16 then 15 steps, going east, followed by a slight slope into the subway, then turn left (north).

The subway has a public phone on the right-hand (east) side and a mural on the left-hand (west).

The Queensborough Gardens Exit

The passage continues, beyond the exit towards the hospital on your left. You emerge onto an open pathway between a wooden fence to your left and a wall to your right. The path slopes down slightly, you pass billboards and bike stands to your right before you reach Hayburn Lane, running about east/west. The path now becomes Queensborough Gardens, which continues beyond the scope of this survey.

The Gartnavel Exit

You go up 11 then 11 steps, going west onto the start of a path which slopes up, towards the station gates. Beyond these gates, bear right, continue up five steps, going northwest then bear left again before turning right and follow the path towards the Tom Wheldon and Beatson buildings.

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