The TICKET Office

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This is a rectangular space with the main entrance on the south side, the ticket sales windows and toilets at the north end and the door onto platform 2 on the east. There's a bank of seats near the east and west sides of this area.

There is level access via the main entrance, though there is a single step and ramp onto platform 2 via the east door.


East Side, Going South

  doors to/from platform 2
windows, 2 x 5 back-to-back seats facing east/west to right
pay phone, in southeast corner

South Side, Going West

main door

West Side, Going North

  train information, 2 x 5 back-to-back seats to right
departure screen
customer information

North Side, Going East

  ladies toilet
accessible toilet
ticket sales window
middle sales window, closed at the time of our survey
ticket sales window

West Side


North Side

  gents toilet

East Side

  staff door to kiosk

Continuing East

  kiosk, in northeast corner

There are train timetables along the middle of each set of seats.

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