Automatic Gates

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Platforms 1 - 6 are now gated with separate gate lines across platforms 1 - 2 and 3 - 6.


  Rail beside track 6 juts west
glass barrier leading south
2 wide gates, for staff use (buggies etc.)
glass barrier 2 bi-directional wide aisle gates
3 standard bi-directional automatic gates
barrier veers left (southeast) then right again (south)
wide gate, for staff use (buggies etc.)
barrier turns left (southeast) then left again (east)
trolley point
barrier turns right (south)
blank door
double blank door
metal fence
box, staff use only
3 standard, bi-directional automatic gates
2 bi-directional wide aisle gates
help point
wide gate, staff only (buggies etc.)
fence veers right (southwest)

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