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You can buy tickets in the travel centre, which is to your right a few metres after you come into the station via the main entrance, or use the ticket machine on a pillar outside WH Smith. We believe the ticket machine is inaccessible to vision impaired people.

The Travel Centre

To Reach

There are two doors into this, from the layout of the queuing system, we assume the first door is the entrance, whilst the second is the exit.

As you go in, the four ticket sales windows are on the far side and the queuing barrier is in front of you. Locate this, turn left then follow the queue round towards the windows. At the time of our survey, there was no indication of any preference for same day or advance bookings.


You enter facing south.

North Side, Going East

windows and seats

East Side


South Side

  4 ticket sales windows, queue from the west and follow the barriers

West Side

  locked door to Station Square

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