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This is a terminus station on all lines. Platforms 1 - 4 serve trains from Aberdeen or Perth, whilst platforms 5 - 7 serve trains from Kyle of Lochalsh or Thurso and Wick.

There is tactile paving along the edge of platforms 1 - 4 but none on platforms 5 - 7. Note also that platforms 1 - 4 are virtually straight platforms leading into the concourse, whilst platforms 5 - 7 curve to your right as you approach the front of the arriving train.

This station is now gated such that there's a gate line across the exit from platform 1 - 2 and another across the exit from platforms 3 - 6. Platform 7 remained ungated at the time of our survey.

Door Opening

As you face the front of the train, the doors will open on your right on platforms 1, 3 and 5, whilst on platforms 2, 4, 6 and 7 they open on your left.

To the Concourse

From platform 1, move right onto platform 2 then continue forward to the gate line in front of you. If you need assistance, the help point is at the left-hand end of the gate line, between the wide aisle gates and the staff access gate. Go through the gates into the concourse and turn right.

From platforms 3 - 6, continue to the gate line in front of you. You can move left for lower numbered platforms, or right for higher numbered platforms within this group. For platforms 1 - 2 or 7, you'll need to go through the gates. The wide aisle gates are at the right-hand end of the public gate line, the two wider gates to your right of these are for staff use only. Staff are available to assist as necessary.

Platform 7 is separate from the main station, you can leave this via the path into the concourse. follow the rail beside track 6 to the end then turn left.

Changing Platforms

As you face the platforms, the platforms are numbered 1 - 7 from your right. Note that:

Note that track 6 lies along the right-hand side of this platform and track 7 is to your left, beyond the access to the car park. You cannot board trains at platform 6 from here.

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