The Concourse

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This is a long, almost rectangular space oriented east/west with the main entrance at the west end and the platforms leading to the east. The travel centre is on the south side, whilst the bar and café are on the north.

A side entrance on the south side leads from the Eastgate shopping centre, whilst a further exit beside platform 6, to the north, leads from the car park. This is also the route to platform 7.


North Side, Going East from the Entrance

  ScotRail Information
post box
pocket map dispenser
windows of waiting room
wall retreats northeast

Northwest Side, Going North

  waiting room
vending machine
Berties Bar, in northwest corner

Continuing North Side

  Café Express, two entrances, four departure screens above
children's machine
blank door
photo booth
photo booth
door to toilets
Left Luggage
sign indicates route to platform 7. There's a rail between here and track 6
Lost Property and Platform Staff
floor texture gets rougher
British Transport Police, phone to right, wheelchair height
barber's shop
2 Blank doors
slope up
gated recess, not for public use
emergency stairs, not for public use
departure screen facing east
end of building

From here, you can keep left and go into the car park, or move to your right (south) of a rail beside the car park, towards platform 7.

East Side, Outside the Gates, Going South

  path to car park and platform 7
Rail beside track 6 juts west
glass barrier leading south
2 wide gates, for staff use (buggies etc.)
glass barrier 2 bi-directional wide aisle gates
3 standard bi-directional automatic gates
barrier veers left (southeast) then right again (south)
wide gate, for staff use (buggies etc.)
barrier turns left (southeast) then left again (east)
trolley point
barrier turn right (south)
blank door
double blank door
metal fence
box, staff use only
3 standard, bi-directional automatic gates
2 bi-directional wide aisle gates
help point
wide gate, staff only (buggies etc.)
fence veers right (southwest)

East Side, Inside the Gates, Going South

  rail across end of track 6
platforms 5 - 6
wall with historic information across end tracks 4 - 5
platforms 3 - 4
wall across end of track 3

South Side, Going West

  side entrance/exit, tactile flooring inside
wall juts north with billboards and departure screen

Continuing South Side

  pocket map dispenser
wall juts north with three phones
WH Smith, two entrances with stands jutting out
door to Station Manager's office
exit from travel centre
entrance to travel centre
Link cash machine
fire exit
main entrance, leading west

In the Middle of the Concourse, from the East

  cross-shaped information board
back-to-back seats along concourse

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