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The station is located off the east side of Academy Street (north/south), between Strothers Street (east), to the north and the Eastgate shopping centre to the south. Union Street runs west from Academy Street, opposite the station.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station:

There is step-free access to the concourse via all these entrances.

The Main Entrance

The entrance to the station is on the east side of the forecourt, Station Square. This forecourt includes the taxi rank, outside the station and a short stay car park to the west of this. There's a war memorial on the island between the entrance and exit roads from Academy Street.

North Side, Going East

  clothes shop
Highland Rail House, various businesses
up slope

East Side, Going South

  shop, Mailboxes etc.
station entrance, two sets of automatic doors
map of businesses and services in Inverness
blank door

South Side, Going West

  Royal Highland Hotel
Ash Hotel, Inverness.

West Side, Going North

  exit road
central island
entrance road

The South Entrance

The south exit brings you onto the car park outside the Eastgate shopping centre, which is to the east. The station building juts south, to the west of this exit. Going south, you cross the entrance road to the car park, which leads east from Academy Street. There are bollards along the kerb edges. You're facing M&S which is on the south side of Falcon Square.

Turning right (west) along the access road, you pass the outside of the station and hotel buildings with fire exit doors and no other features of interest. There's a bike park on your left (south), before the wall of a bar. Metal gates can close this road.

The North Entrance

This is reached from the southwest corner of the car park, which lies north of track 6. you enter the concourse via the path from platform 7.

Local Road Crossings

The Junction of Academy Street (North/South) and Union Street (West)

South Arm, Academy Street

The nearest crossing is a few metres south of the exit road from Station Square. This is a two-stage crossing with tactile paving throughout. The post with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction, including the central island. You go straight across the central island, though there is a fenced area beside, south of, the walkway.

There's a crossing with a sounder some distance south of this, leading to the shopping centre.

West Arm, Union Street

There is no pedestrian controlled crossing. Traffic is one way, from your right (east).

North Arm, Academy Street

No crossing.

Local Buses

On the South Side of Union Street, Going West

Each stop has a shelter on the kerb side with the post beyond (west of) this.

On the North Side of Falcon Square

The Bus Station

Information we retrieved suggests this is in Margaret Street. We found the bus station to the north of Strothers Street, which you can cross outside the car park entrance. It may be easier to continue along Academy Street and take the second turning right from Station Square. Details of this bus station lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Local Features

The West Side of Academy Street

There's a phone box on the west side of Academy Street, a few metres south of Union Street.

East Side of Academy Street, Going South from the Station Exit

  Ash Hotel
access road to acar park
Filling Station, bar
entrance road to shopping centre

North Side, of Entrance Road, Going East

  Laura Ashley
Pizza Express
gap towards south entrance of station

West Side of Falcon Square, Going North

  entrance road
Pizza Express
road to car park
station building

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