Platform 7

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This is separate from the main station, starting some distance east of the other platforms which are reached directly from the concourse. This is a separate platform which begins running east but curves sharply to the left. The tracks eventually run northwest to become the North line to Thurso or Wick, or the line to Kyle of Lochalsh.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of this platform. Although this platform, plus the route to it, lie beside track 6, this must not be considered as an island platform as it affords no access to trains on platform 6.

To Reach

Leave the concourse via the path leading east from the northeast corner of the concourse. There's a rail to your right, between here and track 6. At the end of the building, make sure you're following the path between the two rails, otherwise, you're in the car park. Following the path east will avoid the car park and bring you onto the platform.

The track starts from the southeast corner of the car park. The platform narrows considerably along its length.

From the West

  gap to car park, as you leave concourse
low fence beside car park
gap to car park
Inverness sign
this is a wide area with track 6 to the right and platform 7 to the left.
platform curves sharply left
fence beside track 6
platform narrows
along its length. no features of interest
slope off end

Beyond the slope, the path with a fence to each side leads to a Royal Mail office.

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