Platform 1, Northbound

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This is a separate platform along the west side of the station serving trains towards Kilwinning, Paisley and Glasgow. There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

This platform can be reached via stairs from the subway in the station building or via the ramp from Montgomery Street.

From the Station Building

You go up ten then ten steps, going south. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these stairs, which have a hand rail to each side. Turn left (east) at the top and go up a slight slope onto the platform.

From Montgomery Street

See the Environs page for details of this subway.

You go up the ramp, going south, there's a hand rail along the right-hand (west) side. You pass a series of windows and blank doors in the walls to either side. Note there's an electrical stanchion in the path before you reach the top.

At the top, turn left (180 degrees, north) and continue up the ramp. Turn right (east) at the top, onto the south end of the platform.

From the South

  slope off end
walkway leads west to subway
post with ladder in middle, not for public use
post, CCTV
4 seats
4 seats
building starts, canopy with no pillars along platform
ticket machine
entrance/exit from ticket office
4 seats
CCTV on wall
4 seats
push button for waiting room
door to waiting room
4 seats
departure screen above
4 seats
blank door
help point
assistance ramp
blank door
building ends, slight slope up
rail on left, bridge over subway
slight slope down
rail ends
post, off platform
3 car stop
post, Platform 1, CCTV
post, CCTV
fence across
6 car stop

The platform was being extended north at the time of our survey.

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