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The station is located to the south and west of Thormbrae (east then south) which crosses the tracks. Overton Road leads west from Thornbrae south of the rail bridge into the Springfield Park housing development which lies south of the station.

There's a forecourt outside the main entrance, along the north side of the station, between the station and Thornbrae. The area outside the entrance is a large turning circle at the south end of a short approach road, which includes the taxi rank. To the west is an extensive car park along the north side of the station.

Entrances and Exits

There are four entrances/exits to this station:

The Path to Platform 2

Just beyond (south of) the bridge over the tracks is a turning right (west) down a steep(ish) path onto the east end of platform 2. There's a hand rail along the north side of the path, which is about 1.5 metres wide. There are four lamp posts on the south side. Note that some users may find this path a bit steep.

The Path to Springfield Park

You leave the platform facing south then veer left (southeast) along a block path. There's a hand rail on the right-hand side. The path veers right (south) and continues to Springfield Park, just east of numbers 1 to 19. Turn right then take the first turning left and continue onto the north side of Overton Road.

Local Road Crossings


The crossing is about 50 metres west of the approach road. This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving and sounder. The post, with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction.

There is a central island, with tactile paving and a post, with push button and rotating cone west of the crossing, should you prefer to treat this as a two-stage crossing.

Local Buses

On the South Side of the Forecourt

Bus Stop 6140649, Johnstone Railway Station is a few metres west of the station entrance, serving:

On the South Side of Thornbrae

Bus Stop 6140651, a few metres west of the crossing, serves:

On the North Side of Thornbrae

Bus Stop 6140650, a few metres east of Ellerslie Street, serving:

Local Features

East Side of the Approach Road, Going North

  staff car park
narrow pavement with mesh fence on right
access road to minibus and taxi hire premises

West Side of the Approach Road, Going South

  wall on right
entrance to car park
cross to south side of forecourt

South Side of Forecourt, Going East

  Bus Stop 6140649
large shelter
2 bike lockers
bike racks
bollards across path to platform 1
building starts

West Side of Building, Going South

  ticket machine
rail information billboards
mesh fence to platform 1

This path passes the path from the foot of the steps to the bridge, there's mesh fence between the path to the bridge and the platform.

Continuing, Across the Front of the Building

station entrance, pull from outside
down small step
intercom for taxi office, press button
taxi office door on right
gate at end

South Side of Thornbrae, Going East from the Bus Stop

  Bus Stop 6140651
railings on left
steps up south to school
tactile paving indicates crossing
railings on left
school entrance, no tactile paving
station approach road, no tactile paving
up the hill
wall on right
post box
wall retreats
post, 20 MPH limit
barriers to either side of a width restriction on left
traffic island in middle of the restricted road, no pedestrian controlled crossing
Thornbrae veers right (south) across the tracks.
path leading down west to platform 2
Overton Road

North Side of Thornbrae, Going East from the Crossing

  tactile paving indicates crossing
railings on right
width restriction, barriers on right before and after
cross Ellerslie Street, no formal crossing
now opposite the approach road
traffic island in middle
Bus Stop 6140650
width restriction, barrier on right before and after
road veers right
Thornside Road continues east

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