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The station is on the east side of Station Road which leads north from the junction with West George Street (east/west) and John Finnie Street (south). Garden Street leaves West George Street, a few metres east of the junction and curves left (north) along the east side of the station building.

The tracks run along a raised viaduct, which means that the platforms are at a higher level than the street network described above. A subway, running east/west between Station Road and Garden Street gives stairs access to all platforms. An access road leaves Station Road, providing step-free access to the ticket office and northbound platforms.

The ticket office building is on the north side of a forecourt which was being used by taxis at the time of our survey. This forecourt is bounded to the east by the wall beside platform 3.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station:

To the Ticket Office

Station Road continues north past the entrance to the subway, up the slope. This street is mainly used for parking. Take the turning right (180 degrees, south), the car park extends north from this point.

Follow the wall to your left, which has blank doors and windows, then take the turning left at the end of the building. Continue, past two blank doors, to the ticket office entrance, on your left.

Local Road Crossings

The Junction of West George Street (East/West), Station Road (North) and John Finnie Street (South)

Note that traffic on John Finnie Street flows one way, north, towards the station.

All these crossings are single-stage with tactile paving and rotating cones.

East Arm, West George Street

This is a wide crossing, the post with push button is to your right as you cross in either direction, though the post on the south side (away from the station) is against the wall, rather than being at the kerb.

South Arm, John Finnie Street

This is a wide crossing that slopes up towards the west (away from the station). The posts with push buttons are south of the crossing, that is to your left as you cross away from the station or to your right as you cross towards it.

West Arm, West George Street

The post, with push button is to your right as you cross in either direction.

North Arm, Station Road

The post with push button is to your right as you cross in either direction.

Local Buses

We found no bus stops during our survey, though we understand there are bus stops in John Finnie Street, some distance south of the station.

Local Features

Station Road

There's a taxi rank outside the entrance to the subway. This street seemed to be used as a car park. The access road up to the forecourt is beyond (north of) the west entrance.

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