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In the Main Station

The main ticket office is near the southwest corner of the main concourse, that is to your left as you come in via the main entrance. The new entrance to the Underground station is beyond this.

There were two entrances available at the time of our survey and several other doors which were locked or obstructed by furniture.

Although there are several ticket sales machines, towards the right-hand end, as you enter, these are inaccessible to blind/vision impaired people, so you'll need to join the queue.

There's a Tensa queuing system in front of 14 ticket sales windows, numbered 1 to 17 from right to left, though we heard no announcements during our survey. Nor was there any apparent distinction between advance and same day sales, or information desks. We intend to seek clarity on this.

In the Suburban Section

The small concourse has been removed and a temporary ticket office has been erected on the right-hand (north) side of the path towards Pancras Road. See the Description of the Suburban Ticket Office for details.

Note that this situation may be subject to change as the development of this station proceeds.

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