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Although this is a major station, its layout is very straightforward so, rather than describing all likely combinations of routes, as we do with some Underground stations, a few basic guidelines should suffice.

The main station has the eight platforms, numbered 1 to 8 from right to left (east to west) as you go into the station via the main entrance. Platforms 1 and 8 are effectively single platforms along the sides of this station, with the intermediate platforms being islands.

The suburban section has the single platform 9 lying to your right (east) of the island platforms 10 and 11, as you face the platforms.

Additional Remarks

There's a bridge between platforms 1 and 8, with no connection to the intervening platforms. Access to this was blocked by building work at the time of our visit on 16 April 2010.

The suburban platforms 9 to 11 are gated, whilst the platforms in the main section have open access.

To change to the Underground station, you can:

For St Pancras Station, we suggest that, in view of the building work which was in progress at the time of our survey, you leave via the main exit, turn right along Euston Road, cross Pancras Road and enter the station via the Western Concourse of the Underground station, at Level 0.

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