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The main station is the southern terminus of the East Coast Mainline to Edinburgh and beyond, whilst the suburban section serves destinations to Stevenage, Cambridge and Peterborough.


The station is divided into two sections, which we shall call the main and suburban sections.

The Main Section

The main section, which lies east of the suburban section consists of a main concourse lying south of platforms 1 to 8 which run north. Platforms are numbered from 1 to 8, east to west. Platform 1 is a single platform which runs along the east side of the station, whilst platforms 2 - 3, 4 - 5 and 6 - 7 are island platforms. Platform 8 is physically an island platform with platform 9 of the suburban section, though there is no public access between these.

The ticket office and gents toilets are along the west side of the station, much of which is obstructed by building work. The ladies toilets have been moved to the southeast corner of the concourse.

A bridge, which connects platforms 1 and 8, has also been obstructed by building work.

The Suburban Section

This section of the station lies some distance north of Euston Road, which forms the southern boundary of the main station.

Unlike the main section, which has open platforms, the suburban platforms 9 - 11 are behind gate lines. The small concourse to the south of the platforms has been removed. The ticket office is temporarly near the west end of the path towards Pancras Road, whilst there are separate gatelines opposite platform 9 and platforms 10 - 11. Note that you can walk between these platforms inside the gates.

Platform 9, although physically an island platform with platform 8 of the main station, is regarded as a single platform as there is no public access between these. Platforms 10 and 11 are an island platform lying west of platform 9. Track 11 runs along the west side of the station, ending at the west wall of the concourse, inside the gates.


There is step-free access to all platforms, we therefore believe this station is accessible to wheelchair and Guide Dog users.

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