The Main Concourse

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This is a rectangular space from which platforms 1 to 8 leave from the north.

The main entrance is into the south side and there are two side entrances. The west entrance leads from the concourse, just north of the new entrance to the Underground station, into Pancras Road, beside the taxi pick-up point, whilst the east entrance leads into the concourse from York Way, beside the taxi drop-off point.

The new entrance from the Underground station is north of the main ticket office. You enter the concourse facing east, towards the stairwell for the former entrance. Turn left and continue (north) to platform 8.

You enter via the main entrance facing north. Platforms 1 to 8 are numbered from the right, platforms 1 and 8 being single platforms, whilst 2-3 4-5 and 6-7 are islands.

As you leave Euston Road towards the entrance, the wall curves left from east to north. There are two pairs of automatic doors across each half of the main entrance, with tactile matting beyond. The west section of the entrance brings you into the southwest corner of the concourse, with the main ticket office to your left (west) and the entrance from the Underground station beyond this.

Note that there is still extensive building work in progress at this station, so details are liable to change without our knowledge.

West Side, Going North

  main ticket office, with two doors
fast ticket machine
passage to Underground station
fast ticket machine
wall curves left

South Side, Going West

  two fast ticket machines
closed ticket sales window
blank door
down slope
cross tactile paving and continue west towards the taxi rank.

This exit is divided into two sections by a pillar. This is the left arm of the T-junction in the walkway from the taxi rank. To your right (north) were building works at the time of our survey. Turn left (south) then right (west) towards the taxi pick-up point.

North Side of West Entrance, Going East

  recess with seat on west side
pillar with six phones in middle
newspaper stand
northwest corner of concourse, at the beginning of platform 8

North Side of Concourse, Going East

  platform 8
West Cornwall Pasty Co.
platforms 7 and 6
Nero Express Coffee
platforms 5 and 4

A large arch extends south across the concourse from the central supporting structure which runs along this island platform.

continuing East from Platform 4

  leaflet rack
platforms 3 and 2
leaflet rack
platform 1

East Side, Going South

east entrance, from York Way
blank wall
ladies toilets and baby change

South Side of East Entrance, Going West

  gates across entrance, normally open
blank doors
2 photo booths

South Side of Concourse, Going West

  Upper Crust
Delice de France
Burger King
Whistlestop, narrow entrance
WH Smith
east section of main entrance
Cafe Nero, counter
3 fast ticket machines
Cafe Nero, counter
west section of main entrance

In the Middle of the Concourse

The Pillar opposite Platform 2

East Side, Going North

  4 pay phones
2 Lloyds Banking Group cash machines

North Side

  RBS cash machine

West and South Sides


South of Tracks 5 and 6

There's a rectangular building with Camden Food Co. facing west and a pillar with four phones west of this.

Going East from the New Entrance from the Underground Station

  former entrance to Underground station surrounded by seats
customer Information

The Customer Information point is an oval building with three staffed desks facing north, towards tracks 5 and 6.

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