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This is located in the southwest corner of the main concourse. We presume the first (south) of the two doors is the entrance, whilst the second is the exit.

Although we refer to the ticket sales windows as being on the west side, this wall actually curves from south through north. The ticket machines are north of the sales windows, on a wall that curves north through east, just beyond (north of) the exit door.

East Side, Going South from the First (South) Entrance

wall curves to become south side with timetables
closed door with seats, tactile matting on floor
carpet floor starts, timetables to left
closed door, no exit

West Side, Going North

  telesales phone
no exit door
blank door
14 ticket sales windows, numbered from 1 - 14, from the south
blank door
15 fast ticket machines

North Side

  wall curves right to become east side
north door from concourse
equipment jutting west
south door from concourse

At the time of our survey, it wasn't clear which, if any of the 14 windows was for same day or advanced sales.

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