Platform 1

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This platform runs along the east side of the station. Going North from the Concourse, the platform curves left towards the far end, leaving a significant gap between the train and the platform. There is no tactile paving along the platform edge.

A bridge connects this platform with platform 8, bypassing all other platforms.

From the South

  slope down from concourse
trolley point
bike racks in front of hoardings
metal box
steps to bridge, going up north
two pillars with wooden surrounds, supporting bridge
blank door
blank double door
recess to blank door
storage areas behind fence
building works
exit to York Way

This exit leaves via a cobbled path which veers left (northeast) and continues into York Way. There's a pavement along the left-hand side of this path as you leave the station.

Continuing North

  row of lamp posts etc. along middle of platform
wooden fence
blank door
hoarding around building work, alley to east with blank doors and stairs, not for public access
gap with rail tracks leading east, not for public access
station sign between two posts
post with staff phones
no unauthorised persons sign
slope off end

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