Platform 8

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This platform runs along the west side of the mainline station. this side of the station is undergoing major development, so only the entrance/exit to the Suburban section, the Underground station and Pancras Road, plus the gents toilets were available at the time of our recent survey. The gated entrance to the Suburban section has been removed - there are two sections of the gate line to your right as you leave the station.

As you leave the concourse, there's a change in floor texture. There's no tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

Going North.

  2 Oyster card readers
steps down north to gents toilets

There's tactile paving before the top of these steps and there's a rail to the right-hand (east) side of the stairwell. The rail continues around the north side of the stairwell beyond which the wall resumes going north.

Continuing North from the Gents Toilets

passage leading west towards the suburban station

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