The SUBURBAN Concourse

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This concourse serves the suburban section of the station, platforms 9 to 11. Unlike the main concourse, there are automatic and manual gates, arranged in two sections on the south side.

The Suburban Concourse, Inside the Gates

South Side, Going West

  wall retreats south
first, (east) gates
blank wall
second (west) gates

West Side, Going North

  2 pillars with phones
wall leading to platforms 10B and 11B

Note that track 11B finishes at the north end of the wall, don't go left!

North Side, Going West

  platform 9B
end of tracks 9 and 10, behind barrier with:
3 posters
platform indicator, on two posts, about a metre south of the barrier
platform 10 and 11B

The Suburban Concourse, Outside the Gates

The original concourse has been removed and replaced by the passage leading east from Pancras road, onto platform 8.

  entrance/exit to Northern concourse of Underground station
through arched entrance
ticket machine

North Side, Going East

  temporary ticket office
second (west) gate line, opposite platforms 10 - 11

This is a gap in the hoarding with pillars supporting scaffolding, be careful. From the left (west):

  automatic gate, behind pillar, not in use
Wide Aisle Gate (exit)
4 auto exits
3 auto entrances
Wide Aisle Gate (entrance

Continuing East from the Second Gates

through arched entrance
first (east) gate line, opposite platform 9

This is the original gate line, including from the west:

  3 auto exits
1 unmarked
3 auto entrances
Wide aisle Gate (bi-directional.

Continuing East from the First Gate Line

  blank wall
platform 8

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