The station is located between Bennochy Bridge to the north and Abbotshall Road (northwest/southeast) to the south. Note that Abbotshall Road runs underneath the tracks.

There are roundabouts in Abbotshall Road from which Station Road runs north to the west of the station, whilst Victoria Road runs north to the east. Bennochy Road continues north from Station Road, before turning southeast, across the tracks, to join Victoria Road.

We understand that Whyte Melville Road leads west from the station, across Station Road. Although mentioned in the literature we found, it is not marked on either of our maps.

There is an extensive car park between each side of the station and the associated roads. We'll call these the west and east forecourts.

Although this was not clear on either of our maps, we believe Balsusney Road leads east from the east forecourt into Bennochy Road.

Entrances and Exits

There are six entrances/exits to this station:

The Ramp to Platform 1, Southbound

From the southeast corner of the main building, move right (west) then continue (south) up a short ramp then turn right (180 degrees, north) and go up another short ramp onto a flat area.

On the wall in front of you is a notice saying “The gate of this ramp will normally be locked between 07:00 and 10:00 Monday to Friday and from 10:00 to 14:00 on Saturday. The gate may also be locked at other times. Press for assistance" (the button is near the top of the ramp, see below).

Turn left (180 degrees, south), go up the ramp then turn right (180 degrees, north) and go up the ramp to platform level.

The gate onto platform 1 is to your left, whilst the British Transport Police building is up another short ramp, in front of you. The assistance button mentioned above is to your right (east) of the door to this building.

Level Access to the Ticket Office

The ticket office juts east from the remainder of the building with the door towards the right-hand (north) end of this section. You go through automatic doors, going west across tactile matting, into the ticket office.

The Lift to Platform 1

The lift to platform 1 is on the right-hand (north) side of the first passage beyond (north of) the entrance to the ticket office. Note that the second passage is the subway. the call button is just before (east of) the door to the lift.

The Subway to Platform 2, Northbound

The subway is the second passage beyond (north of) the entrance to the ticket office. Follow the passage leading west.

At the end, the lift to platform 2 is to your right with the call button to your right (north) of the door. You can turn left (south) and go up 11 then ten steps, going south to platform level, then turn left (east) onto the platform.

The Ramp to Platform 2

This ramp is beyond (north of) the building, the car park is virtually at platform level at this point so you go up a very slight slope, going east onto the platform, near the front of the train.

The Steps to Platform 2

From the west forecourt, you go up three steps, going east, then through the automatic door. You're now in a short passage leading east between the top of the steps to the subway to your left (north) and the waiting room (south). Continue, past the waiting room, onto the platform, near the front of the train.

Local Road Crossings

Abbotshall and Station Roads

We found no formal crossings of these roads within the scope of our survey.

Balsusney Road

This road runs east from the east forecourt, to either side of an island on the southwest side of Bennochy road. There’s no formal crossing from either side of Blasusney Road onto the island.

Bennochy Road

From the island, this is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving and sounder, plus a central tactile island. The post, with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction.

Local Buses

According to the literature, there are three bus stops in Bennochy Road and two in Whyte Melville Road. We found four in Bennochy Road, but found no stops in Whyte Melville Road during our survey.

On the southwest Side of Bennochy Road, Going Northwest

Railway Station Stance A 34325897

There's a shelter and seat against the wall. This stop serves:

Bus Stop 34325932 Railway Station Stance B

This stop, with shelter and seat, serves:

Bus Stop 34325934, Railway Station Stance C

This stop, with shelter and seat, serves:

On the Northeast Side of Bennochy Road

Bus stop 34325898, Railway Station Stance D

This stop, with shelter and seat, is a few metres northwest of the crossing from Balsusney Road, serving:

Local Features

The West forecourt, East Side, Going South from the Ramp to Platform 2

bike lockers
gate to platform, closed at the time of our survey
rear of toilet and lift building
station building starts, blank wall at north end
up four steps, going south
blank door
blank door
blank door
down four steps, going south
map of Kirkcaldy
wall retreats to entrance, RNIB REACT beacon outside the doors
wall of waiting room
wooden fence
phone box
onto Station Road

The East Forecourt, West Side, Going North from the Ramp

  gate, not for public use
building starts, metal ladder on south side, not for public use
move right (east) then continue north, beside the building
staff car park to right, windows on left
Dip in pavement, notice saying ramp to platform 1 and accessible toilet
metal gate to close station
recess to automatic doors into ticket office, canopy outside supported by central pillar
metal gate to close station
wall retreats west
passage leading west to lift, down slight slope with rail to each side
down slope
4 steps up north to car park

If you turned immediately north from the exit from the ticket office, you’d avoid these steps.

Continuing North from the Top of the Four Steps

  museum building to right
cycle lockers to left
disabled persons parking bays on left, up short ramp
turn right (east), on north side of Balsusney Road

Continue (east), on pavement, down the hill, car park to each side, onto Bennochy Road and turn left.

Southwest Side of Bennochy road, Going Northwest

  steps down from car park
Bus Stop 34325897
another stepped exit from car park
Bus Stop 34325932
Bus Stop 34325934

The East Forecourt, East Side

There are two roads between this and Bennochy Road. The north of these is the entrance, leading to the disabled persons parking, whilst the one to the south is the exit. These lead to either side of the island at the east end of Balsusney Road.

The exit road leads east almost opposite the entrance to the ticket office, you’d turn right from the passage from the lift then turn left at the building and continue to locate the road.

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