The Subway

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This provides lift and stairs access to platform 2, northbound from the east forecourt.


The subway is near the north end of the station, that is towards the rear of southbound, or front of northbound trains.


From the exit from the ticket office, turn left (north), follow the building round to your left (west) then take the turning right (north), past the passage to the lift then take the turning left (west) into the subway.

Continue, west, to the end. The lift to platform 2 is on the right-hand (north) side, you go in facing west, the call button is to your right (north) of the door.

Alternatively, turn left (south) and go up 11 then 10 steps, going south, to platform level. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps which have a hand rail to each side.

At the top of the steps, on the right (west) are the entrance/exit doors. Facing you (south) is the wall of the waiting room, whilst platform 2 is to your left (east).

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