The Bridge

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Although parallel to Main Street, the bridge is a separate, enclosed walkway within the station. There is ramp-only access from the northbound platform 2 and stairs-only access between the ticket office and the southbound platform 1. Note that there is ramp access to platform 1 from Muir Hall Road, just north of the station building.

The Bridge

The Ramp from Platform 2

The foot of the ramp is just east of the door to the waiting room, This is the start of a covered area that includes the ramp and the bridge.

You go up the ramp, going south, there are windows on the left-hand (east) side and a blank wall on the right. There's a hand rail to each side.

The bridge leads east from the top of the ramp. There's an RNIB REACT beacon in the southwest corner.

The Bridge

This is a covered walkway which runs east/west, with a short passage leading north from the east end towards the ticket office.

South Side, Going East

  RNIB REACT beacon
blank door
blank wall

North Side, Going East

  ramp from platform 2
passage leading north

West Side of Passage


East Side of Passage, Going North

  blank door
gents toilet
ladies toilet
doorway into ticket office

North End of Passage

  blank door

We believe both the toilets are accessible. A sign says that a key can be obtained from the ticket office, though we found the door to the gents, at least, was unlocked at the time of our survey.

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