The Waiting Rooms

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There's a waiting room on each platform. The one on platform 1, southbound is at the foot of the steps from the ticket office, whilst the one on platform 2, northbound is beyond the foot of the ramp from the bridge.

On Platform 1, Southbound

This is a rectangular space. The foot of the steps from the ticket office is in the southeast corner and there's a doorway onto the platform at each end. Note that there's a single step down from the south end, whilst the north exit gives step-free access to the platform, beside the foot of the ramp from Muir Hall Road.


South Side

  door to platform, down one step, going south

West Side

  windows onto platform

North Side, Going East

  door to platform, ramp access

East side, Going South

  4 x 4 seats with billboards above
steps from ticket office

On Platform 2, Northbound

This waiting room is just beyond (north of) the foot of the ramp from the bridge. You go up a slight slope, going north.


This is a glass waiting room with the entrance on the south side.

There's a bench on the west wall, billboards on the west and north walls. The east side has windows looking onto the platform.

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