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Platform 2 is the more frequently used platform. the doors will open on your right as you face the front of the train. If the doors open on your left, you've arrived on platform 1. There is no tactile paving along the edge of the platforms.

Note that this is a terminus station, so you're only likely to go to platform 1, relatively rarely.

The bridge, towards the far end of the station is usually used as a stairs-access route between the Gogo Street and Morrisons entrances, as this lies beyond the front of departing trains. The easiest and most commonly used route is the step-free access before the beginning of the tracks.

To Reach Platform 1

As you come out of the ticket office, or off the pavement from the service road, platform 2 leads away to your left, though you're still behind the beginning of the tracks. Continue, across the open space, the flower bed across the tracks should be to your left, if you find a rail in front of you, move right and go round the flower bed on your left.

Continue to the fence in front of you then turn left and go up the slight slope onto the platform.

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