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The station is located on the southeast side of a service bay off the south side of Main Street (east/west), a short distance east of Bath Street (south). As the tracks leave southeast, the station building is at an angle (southeast, rather than south) to Main Street, leaving a triangular space which is occupied by the taxi rank and short stay car park.

There are two islands in the pavement of Main Street, which we'll call the west and east island, outside the station, providing three access routes which are as follows, from the west:

A path, leading southeast from Main Street, runs northeast of the station, towards Morrisons, the main car park lies northeast of this path.

Gogo Street runs southeast from Bath Street, southwest of the station.

Entrances and Exits

The station has three entrances/exits:

The Main Entrance

The main entrance leads southeast from the pavement beside the taxi rank. You can either go through the door into the ticket office or continue (southwest) along the pavement then turn left (southeast) towards the platforms.

If you want to go into the ticket office, you go up a slight slope then through an automatic door. There's tactile flooring inside this door.

If you go straight to the platforms. You can continue, beside the ticket office building to your left, onto platform 2. Otherwise, you can turn right, after a few metres and continue, across the open space before the beginning of the tracks, to the fence then turn left and continue onto platform 1.

The Morrisons Entrance

We will call this the Morrisons entrance as there is level access leading southwest from the path onto platform 2, across the foot of the steps to the bridge. Follow the wire mesh fence on your right to the end, then turn right along the platform. We believe you're beyond the front of the train.

Alternatively, you can go up six steps, going southwest, from the car park then continue, across the path, onto platform 2, as above.

The Gogo Street Entrance

This provides ramp and stairs access onto platform 1, beside the foot of the steps to the bridge.

Via the Ramp

From the northeast side of Gogo Street, go up the first slope, going southeast. Turn left (180 degrees, northwest) then go up the second slope to platform level. The steps down to Gogo Street are in front of you. Turn right, then follow the wire mesh fence on your left to the end then turn left along platform 1. We believe you're beyond the front of the train.

Via the Steps

From the Northeast side of Gogo Street, go up seven steps, going southeast, to platform level. Turn left, follow the wire mesh fence on your left to the end then turn left along platform 1. We believe you're beyond the front of the train.

Local Road Crossings

Main Street

The only pedestrian controlled crossing within the scope of this survey is from the west island. This is a single-stage crossing with sounder, but no tactile paving or rotating cones. The post with push button is to your right as you cross in either direction. There is no obvious landmark outside the station entrance leading towards this crossing, so we suggest you turn right from the door of the ticket office, continue to the far side of the alley leading towards Morrisons then cross onto the east island and turn left. You can then cross the car entrance onto the west island and locate the crossing. There are two benches and a phone box on the island beyond (west of) the crossing.

Other Streets

We found no controlled crossing of Bath Street, Nor Gallowgate Street, which you'll need to cross to reach the ferry terminal. Gogo Street appeared to be a quiet side street at the time of our survey.

Local Buses

On the South Side of Main Street

Bus stop, 6170511, between Bath Street and the vehicle exit from the service road. This stop, which has no shelter, serves:

Local Features

The Taxi Rank

The taxi rank is outside the entrance to the ticket office.

The Ferry Terminal

The ferry pier juts out west from the sea front, at the south end of Gallowgate Street.

The road to the ferry is a continuation of Main Street, with the ticket office on the south side. You turn south from the pavement, through the door into the ticket office.

Having come in facing south, you turn right (west). There's seating along the south side. The ticket sales desks are on your right (north) and there's a blank door at the west end.

Note that this entrance is narrow and can become congested.

The West Island

Going West on the South Side of Main Street

  car entrance
crossing of Main Street
2 benches
phone box
vehicle exit

The Path to Morrisons

You go into the alley, to the northeast of the station building. The wall of the station is on your right and, beyond the shops, a wire mesh fence on the left. This is a well lit path.

Towards the end of the station, there's a junction, turn right for platform 2, or left down steps into the car park. The path continues (southeast) over the river towards Morrisons car park, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

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