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The ticket sales area is confined to the walkway between the two sections of the concourse, including the Travel Centre which can be reach via steps from the walkway or level access from New Station Street.

Within the Walkway

There are eight ticket sales windows on the east side of the walkway, to your left as you move away from the City Square entrance.

There are six FastTicket machines and a group of other ticket machines on your right, beyond the first class lounge as you move away from the City Square entrance. Note that these machines were not accessible to blind/vision impaired people at the time of our survey.

The Travel Centre

You enter through pull doors from the walkway, down six steps going east. To your right are information displays.

There's a barrier on your left (north) guiding queues towards a number of sales desks. At the time of our survey, it wasn't clear which were for same day or advance bookings.

A turning left (north) beyond the desks leads into a carpeted area, where you can buy specialised tickets - first class, business and group travel, from the desk in front of you.

On the east side, there's a low wall before the windows, some of which holds travel information behind a rail. The three doors to New Station Street are on your right as you move onto the carpet.

Beware, when you enter from New Station Street, you could catch the edge of this low wall as you turn left to go into the station. This may also be possible as you go right towards the specialist ticket sales area.

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