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Leeds used to have two stations, close together, these have now been combined to form Leeds City Station. One consequence of this is that the concourse is divided into two sections. For some reason, the section referred to as the south concourse actually lies north of the north concourse. So, not wishing to confuse the issue, we stick to existing naming conventions.

The two sections of the concourse are joined by a sloping walkway which runs past the travel centre. The city Square entrance brings you into the south concourse, whilst the main entrance brings you into the north concourse, from which you leave towards the platforms.

The South Concourse, Going Clockwise from the City Square Entrance

North Side

  passage from City Square entrance
fire exit
Wedding Services UK, adverts

East Side

  wall with billboards
Garment Doctor, dry cleaning, key cutting etc.
Left Luggage office
fire exit
Pronuptia, adverts
TFS, weddings and flowers, adverts
British Transport Police
Tourist Information, with billboards outside

South Side

  blank wall
3 steps up, going west onto the walkway, post box on left
crossed the walkway, which extends north of here
emergency exit in front (west), staff only
departures display beyond north end of walkway
3 steps down, going northwest

When coming down these steps, people should keep right to avoid tables and chairs outside McDonalds. The lower slope extends beyond the foot of these steps, although the rail continues, the sloping rail is a few inches east of it and the two ends project north into the concourse.

West Side

  McDonalds with tables and displays outside
Whistle Stop Food and Wine
seats in middle, one facing either side and another facing exit
WH Smith, smaller than main branch
more seats in middle
back-to-back seats with display in middle
Aire Street exit, to car park
J D Wetherspoon's

North Side

  J D Wetherspoon's
passage leading to City Square exit

The Walkway Between the Two Concourses

This walkway leaves south from the south concourse, including two slopes guarded by metal rails, you can bypass the lower slope by going up three steps from either side of the walkway.

Going south, up the first slope, we pass the steps from McDonalds on our right then the ones on the left, in the southwest corner of the concourse. We then go up the second slope. Note, these slopes have coarser textured flooring than that of the concourse.

East Side of Walkway, Beyond the Top of the Second Slope

  blank door
8 ticket sales windows, with induction loops
entrance to travel centre
wall juts out, with blank door
continue round paper rack
wall retreats east into north concourse

West Side, Going South

  3 steps down into south concourse
blank door
first class lounge
6 FastTicket GNER machines, not accessible
photo booth
self service ticket machines, not accessible
first aid box, including defibrillator

The North Concourse, Going Clockwise from the Walkway

North Side

  bureau de change
Link cash machine
two photo booths

East Side

  north entrance from New Station Street, two sets of doors
wall juts out

South Side

  Burger King

Continuing East Side of Concourse, Beyond Burger King

  Journeys Friend, newsagent, cross-shaped information board to right
wall retreats towards south entrance from New Station Street

North Side

post box, just before entrance

Continuing East Side

  first set of auto doors
paper rack, inside and outside the station
second set of auto doors

South Side

  Marks & Spencer Simply Food
White Rose, pub
Waiting room
ladies and gents toilets, including disabled persons and baby care
Body Shop
WH Smith, 4 entrances

West Side

  automatic entrance gates
platform ticket machine
automatic exit gates

above the gates is a display indicating which is which, these can vary.

Continuing West Side, Beyond the Gates

  departure screens, quite low
Taste, sandwich shop, seats outside
Upper Crust
Cafe Ritazza

North Side

  RBS cash point, wheelchair height
Link cash point
two NatWest cash points
Boots Pharmacy
flower shop, between Upper Crust and Boots
pillar with phones, one each side
Olympia Leisure, amusement arcade
seats and train information kiosk in middle, this is an open area with access from either north or south sides
display board
passage leading north to the south concourse

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