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This is a large area with the terminus platforms (1 to 6) leading west and platform 8 to the south. The north end of this area, including platforms 1 to 3, is at a lower level such that these platforms are reached via a slope or steps (directly onto platform 2, though this can be reached from platform 3).

Tracks 3 and 4 start west of those for the other platforms in this area.

Platform 8 continues east, behind the south edge of the concourse.

Going Clockwise from the Northeast Corner, Left as You Enter Via the Gates

South Side

  gap to platform 8
various rails jutting north, with a 3-step access to platform 8, each has tactile paving before it
more rails, including some near head height
commemorative stone, acknowledging the redevelopment of the station in 2002
information kiosk
post with information board
escalator, going up west

West Side

  up escalator
steps up west, 2 sets divided by rail
down escalator west of steps
platform 6
rails across end of tracks 6 and 5
platforms 4 and 5
rails across end of tracks 4 and 3, set west
platforms 2 and 3
down slope, passing the ends of tracks 2 and 1
platform 1

North Side

  blank door

East Side

  blank door
up slope
City Station Offices - Network Rail
2 blank doors
2 phone boxes
Upper Crust, seats opposite
Journeys Friend
six manned gates

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