Platforms 16 and 17

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Platforms 16 and 17 mark the southern boundary of the station. Platform 17 is a bay platform which cuts into the western section of platform 16.

To Reach

From the west bridge, go down 8 steps, going east, walk about 20 metres then down 4 x 8 steps going east onto platform 16.

From the East End

  slope from end, no plant pot
blank door
emergency phone
goods lift
display boards
trolley point
series of posts, along platform
steps to east bridge
display boards
trolley point
4 seats
snack vending machine
4 seats
waiting room
platform 16A
4 seats
trolley point
steps to west bridge
escalator to west bridge, jutting out after a few paces
seven display boards

Platform 16 ends here, there's a barrier across the end of track 17, you move left a few paces to continue along the platform.

Continuing West on Platform 17

  trolley point
table with four seats
4 seats
slope off end, towards fire exit

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