Platforms 2 and 3

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To Reach Platform 2

From the top of the slope towards the start of platform 1, facing the platforms (west), you pass a wall with billboards to your right. Continue, down seven steps, going west onto platform 2.

To Reach Platform 3

Move to the left (south) half of the island platform and go down the slope. Note that platform 3 is shorter than 2 and is only divided into A and B sections.

From the foot of the slope to platform 3, you pass a trolley point and 4 seats, then the island platform starts.

Platform 2C, from the East

  wall on left
tactile paving near right-hand edge
box in middle
posts along middle
barrier on left
platform 2B
trolley point
barrier ends, to give access to platform 3B
tactile begins at this point on platform 3
4 seats
covered area ends
platform 2A and 3A begin about 50 metres beyond the end of the covered area
plant pot in middle
2 posts
slope off end

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