Platform 6

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This starts as the north half of the island platform shared with the west section of platform 8.We're treating it as a separate platform as it's a terminus within the main building.

Platform 6 extends some distance west of platform 8 but is only divided into sections A and C.

Note that platform 7 starts east of the main building and shares the east section of the island with platform 8. This is considered as part of platform 8.

To Reach

Continuing forward (west) from the right-hand barrier, aiming just north of the escalators from the bridge; onto 6C, you reach the start of the platform.

Platform 6, from the East, Beyond the Escalators

  metal barrier stops you walking under escalators
2 wheelchairs chained to barrier
trolley point
lift to bridge

The Lift Building

East Side

  door, call button to left at wheelchair height

North Side

  2 blank doors

West Side

  2 blank doors

Continuing, Beyond the Lift

  trolley point
platform 6A, 8A on south
plant pots on left
6A on right continues
trolley point
2 shelters
3 plant pots
slope off end

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