Platforms 9 TO 11

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This island platform has platform 9 along the north and 11 along the south side. Platform 10 is a bay platform set into the west section of the island. As a result:

There is good tactile paving near the edge of each platform.

To Reach

As you reach platform level from the steps or lift from the west bridge, platform 9 is to your left and 11 to your right. To reach platform 10, turn left (180 degrees and continue (west) beyond the end of platform 9, a rail prevents you walking onto the end of track 10.

Platforms 9 and 11 from the East End

  slope off end
3 plant pots
platforms 9D and 11D
4 seats at start of covered area
building with no doors
2nd building, goods lift facing west
steps up west onto east bridge
platforms 9C and 11C
post with emergency phone
5 benches
7 timetables
east waiting room
west waiting room
emergency phone
7 timetables
platform 9B
lift facing east call button on left
double blank door

The platform narrows to form a bay platform. There's no platform 9A, there's a barrier across the end of track 10. We're now on platform 10B

Continuing West from the Lift, on Platforms 10B and 11B

  building, no access
4 seats
trolley point
7 display boards
platform 10A and 11A start from end of covered area
posts in middle
3 plant pots
slope off end

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