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The ticket office is located on Platform 2, you can continue forward from the foot of the steps from the bridge, or turn right from the station entrance. You go up a short ramp before you reach the door. Note this had a heavy spring at the time of our survey.

Alternatively, you can go up a short ramp leading east from the platform, turn right at the top and go through the door. There's a rail along the left-hand (north) side of this ramp and across the east end.

If you come in from the bridge or station entrance, you go into a passage leading east from the door, past the sales windows, into a broader, rectangular waiting area.


West End


North Side, Going East

  billboards and windows
door onto platform

East side, Going South

  accessible toilet and baby change
blank door

South Side, Going West

  seating and windows
wall juts north

West Side

  departure screen
sand bin

Continuing South Side

  2 ticket sales windows
blank door

Note there was a heavy spring on the entrance door at the time of our survey. There's a metal rail to each side as you leave the ticket office, you go down a slight slope. The path broadens with:

South Side, Going West

  sand bin
gap to path

North Side, Going West

  station information
gap to platform

The path continues west to the foot of the steps to the bridge. There's an RNIB REACT beacon just south of the foot of the steps.

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