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The station is located a few metres west of the point where the tracks (east/west) cross Auchinloch Road (north/south) and a few metres east of the end of Alexandra Avenue (west) from the turning circle which is the vehicle drop-off/pick-up point.

A footpath along the south side of the station leads west from Auchinloch Road, past the station, to Alexandra Avenue, which leads west past the Deafblind Scotland Building.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station:

Level Access from the footpath, leading north onto platform 2, westbound.

You go (north) through the gap in the fence. The path up to the ticket office leads to your right (east), whilst that to the bridge leads left (west). Continue (north) through the gap in front of you, onto the platform. You're about in the middle of the train.

Level access from the car park, leading south onto platform 1, eastbound.

You go up a slight slope, the path veers left (east) then right (south) again. The path to the foot of the steps to the bridge leads right (west), before you reach the platform. Note, there's a rail between the path to the bridge and the platform.

>Step access from the car park leading south onto platform 1, eastbound.

You go up six steps, going south near the west end of the platform, beside the rear of the train.

Local Road Crossings

We found no pedestrian controlled crossings within the scope of this survey. There's a pair of traffic islands in Auchinloch Road, just south of the footpath. Drop kerbs on either side of Auchinloch Road indicate this point.

Local Buses

On the West Side of Auchinloch Road

The stop is a few metres south of the footpath, serving:

On the East Side of Auchinloch Road

The stop is a few metres south of the steep path towards the shopping parade, serving:

On the South Side of the Approach to the Car Park

The stop is just beyond (west of) the point where the pavement turns right beside the station, a few metres east of the entrance to platform 1. This stop serves:

Local Features

The Footpath, Leading East from the Station

  fences to each side
rail on left (north)
down slope
wall on right, rail continues on left
path steepens
barrier, move left then right
pavement of Auchinloch Road
barrier in front

The Footpath Leading West from the Station

This section of the path is level, as opposed to the slope down to the left (east).

  railings and billboards on right
wall and fence on left
end of fence on left, fence continues on right

The path veers left then right onto the pavement on the north side of a turning circle, which is the drop-off point. This is Alexandra Avenue, leading west. A car park leads west on the south side of the tracks.

Continuing West

  fence beside car park

If you cross Alexandra Avenue at the end of the fence beside the car park, the west entrance to the Deafblind Scotland building is in front of you.

South Side of Alexandra Avenue, Going West from the Turning circle

  Victoria Road, no tactile, railings at junction.
Deafblind Scotland, east entrance
health centre
Lenzie Library
Deafblind Scotland, west entrance

West Side of Auchinloch Road, Going North from the Bus Stop

  bus stop
slope down
dropped kerb towards traffic islands
railings on right, opposite end of footpath
under railway bridge
up slope, hand rail on left
left turn (west) towards car park
road continues (north) into Lenzie High Street

East Side of Auchinloch Road, Going North from the Bus Stop

  bus stop
path, down steep slope, to shopping parade

The path down a steep slope going east leads to a parade of shops including a Co-op, restaurant etc.

Continuing North

  fence on right
Millersneuk Road

Millersneuk Road, which has no pedestrian controlled crossing, leads east to a housing development. There's a right (south) turn to the shops. Just north of Millersneuk Road is the dropped kerb indicating the traffic island in Auchinloch Road, almost opposite the footpath to the station.

South Side of Car Park Approach, Going West

  RBS building
road curves left (south) east of the car park
road turns right (west)
monument to Queen Elizabeth II golden Jubilee
Bus stop
Station entrance leading south
car park continues west

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