Platform 2, WESTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the south side of the station. This platform, which slopes down away from the track, is narrower than platform 1.

The entrance and bridge are about in the middle of the platform and there's tactile paving along the edge.

There's an RNIB REACT beacon near each end of the platform and beside the foot of the steps to the bridge.

To Reach

There is step-free access from the footpath or ticket office and stairs access from platform 1 via the bridge.

From the West

  slope off end
railings then tactile indicating end of platform
post, six car stop
platform widens with gravel to fence
lamp post and station sign
4 seats
CCTV post
4 seats
flower bed
under bridge
pillars supporting bridge and steps

Note, you can walk underneath these steps, be careful!

Continuing East

  steps up west to bridge
RNIB REACT beacon south of foot of steps
slope to right steepens, leading to entrance
wall of ticket office
help point
paper rack
door to waiting area, up slight slope leading east, rail on north side
assistance ramp
paper rack
glass waiting room with two doors
departure screen
wooden fence
flower bed
2 x 4 seats
CCTV post, outside fence
posts, outside the fence
metal railings and tactile at end

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